Theme:  The Role of Philosophy in Greek and Byzantine Exegesis
James Wallace, Christian Brothers University, Presiding

George van Kooten, University of Cambridge
Amelius’ “Pagan” Interpretation of Johannine Incarnation as a “Phantasma” (20 min)
Tag(s): Greco-Roman Literature (Greco-Roman Literature), Gospels – John (Biblical Literature – New Testament)

Discussion (5 min)

Ilaria L.E. Ramelli, Angelicum; Oxford; ErfurtMWK; CatholicU.; Durham
The Strategy and Functions of Philosophical Exegesis in Origen of Alexandria (20 min)
Tag(s): Early Christian Literature (Early Christian Literature – Other), Commentary (Text and Translation)

Discussion (5 min)

Robert Edwards, University of Notre Dame
Stoic or Biblical Moral Teaching in John Chrysostom’s Quod nemo laeditur nisi a se ipso? (20 min)
Tag(s): History of Interpretation (Interpretive Approaches), Early Christian Literature (Early Christian Literature – Other), Greco-Roman Literature (Greco-Roman Literature)

Discussion (5 min)

Taylor Ross, Duke University
Settling Gregory of Nyssa’s Debts to Neoplatonic Hermeneutics (20 min)
Tag(s): History of Interpretation (Interpretive Approaches), Early Christian Literature (Early Christian Literature – Other), Greece and Hellenism (History & Culture)

Discussion (5 min)

Vladimir Cvetkovic, University of Belgrade
The Towers of Jerusalem and Ontological Presuppositions of Creation: Exegesis and Philosophy in Maximus the Confessor’ Quaestiones ad Thalassium (20 min)
Tag(s): Writings – 1-2 Chronicles (Biblical Literature – Hebrew Bible/Old Testament/Greek OT (Septuagint)), Christian (Ideology & Theology), Commentary (Text and Translation)

Rainer Hirsch-Luipold, Universität Bern – Université de Berne, Respondent (15 min)

Discussion (15 min)
ThemeCanon and Canonicity in Orthodox Christianities
Afework Hailu Beyene, Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology, Presiding

Alessandro Bausi, University of Hamburg
The Ethiopian Biblical Canon in its Earliest Literary Attestation: An Assessment of the Evidence (30 min)
Tag(s): Ethiopic (Philology / Linguistics (incl. Semiotics))

Ralph Lee, University of Cambridge
The Reception of 1 Enoch in the Ethiopic Tradition (30 min)
Tag(s): Other Jewish Compositions (e.g., 1 Enoch) (Early Jewish Literature – Dead Sea Scrolls), Ethiopic (Philology / Linguistics (incl. Semiotics))

Eugen J. Pentiuc, Hellenic College-Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology
The Status of Anaginoskomena in Eastern Orthodoxy and Some Criteria of Biblical Canonicity (30 min)
Tag(s): Hebrew Bible / Old Testament / Greek OT (Septuagint) (Biblical Literature – Hebrew Bible/Old Testament/Greek OT (Septuagint))

Anna Rozonoer, Hellenic College
Fourth Maccabees‘ Unique Inclusion into the Georgian Orthodox Biblical Canon (30 min)
Tag(s): 4 Maccabees (Biblical Literature – Deuterocanonical Works), Church History and Ecclesiology (Other), Tradition History/Tradition Criticism (Interpretive Approaches)

Jovan Stanojevic, Bergische Universität Wuppertal
Greek New Testament Editions and Their Canonicity in the Orthodox Church (30 min)
Tag(s): Text Criticism (Interpretive Approaches)
Theme: Biblical Interpretation and Middle East Christianity
The AAR Middle Eastern Christianity unit and SBL Biblical Exegesis from Eastern Orthodox Perspectives consultation are jointly sponsoring this panel of scholars discussing biblical interpretation in Middle Eastern Christian communities. The papers address specific collections and interpretive traditions in the Arabic, Coptic, Greek, and Syriac languages, and they analyze hermeneutical motifs unique to the Middle Eastern milieu throughout history.Jason R. Zaborowski, Bradley University, Presiding

Stephen J. Davis, Yale University
Christian Arabic Biblical Commentaries in the Manuscript Library at the Monastery of the Syrians (Wādī al-Naṭrūn, Egypt) (20 min)
Tag(s): Commentary (Text and Translation), Arabic (Philology / Linguistics (incl. Semiotics)), Material Culture (Archaeology & Iconography)

Discussion (5 min)

Janet A. Timbie, The Catholic University of America
Scriptural Exegesis in Coptic: Text-Based Homilies for Different Audiences (20 min)
Tag(s): Coptic (Philology / Linguistics (incl. Semiotics))

Discussion (5 min)

Anna Rebecca Williams, Saint Louis University
A Secret and Spoken Sign: The Divine Remza in the Homilies of Narsai (20 min)
Tag(s): Religious Traditions and Scriptures (History of Interpretation / Reception History / Reception Criticism), Early Christian Literature (Early Christian Literature – Other), Syriac (Philology / Linguistics (incl. Semiotics))

Discussion (5 min)

Elizabeth Marteijn, University of Edinburgh
The Politics of Interpretation: Reading the Bible in the Palestinian Countryside (20 min)
Tag(s): History of Interpretation (Interpretive Approaches)

Discussion (5 min)

Discussion (20 min)