Our Call for Papers for the SBL/AAR Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA (23-26 Nov. 2019).

Our consultation will host three joint sessions at the next Annual Meeting in San Diego (23–26 Nov. 2019). We are accepting proposals regarding the following subjects:

1.The Role of Philosophy in Greek and Byzantine Exegesis (joint session with the SBL History of Interpretation Unit)

In this session, we seek to examine the relation between “philosophy,” an enterprise construed in various ways by Christian theologians, and the exegetical works of Greek and Byzantine interpreters. Though scholars often recognize the significance of philosophical traditions both for allegorical interpretation and for commentaries, they have paid less attention to the role of moral philosophy, for instance, in patristic moral exhortation. We, therefore, welcome a wide range of proposals for papers that examine the role that various branches of philosophy and philosophical traditions played in the exegetical works of Greek and Byzantine interpreters.

2. Canon and Canonicity in Orthodox Christianities (joint session with the SBL Ethiopic Bible and Literature unit)

Research on the canon has frequently focused on the origins of the canon and the causes that drove its creation, as well as the relative importance of canonical lists, actual codices, and the citations/ascription practices of interpreters. This session seeks to broaden and deepen research on the canon by examining both the contents of canons and the meaning of canonicity in various Christian communities, especially among those who came to be known as the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches. We, therefore, invite papers that examine issues of the canon and canonicity, especially outside of the Christian West. In particular, we are interested in papers that assess how local political, theological, and/or cultural factors may have shaped the delineation and/or reception of a canon, as well as the meaning of “canonical” status.

3. Biblical Interpretation and Middle East Christianity(joint session with the AAR Middle Eastern Christianity Unit)

We are soliciting papers addressing the topic of biblical interpretation as it relates to Middle Eastern Christians.  The topic is conceived broadly, to include exegetical traditions, themes, and motifs, or particular exegetes with unique interpretations, within the Middle Eastern Christian milieu.  Paper proposals could remark on disjunctions to other Christian exegetical traditions the world-over, or continuities and intersections with others.  Topics could also include non-Middle Eastern Christian hermeneutics that bear relevance to the Middle Eastern communities.

Proposals must present a clear thesis, explain the theoretical and methodological approaches of the research, and identify a specific body of evidence that the research will interpret.

The call for papers closes at 11:59 pm, Eastern Standard Time, on March 6.

The link to the page for submitting paper proposals is here:

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