Due to the pandemic the SBL Unit, “Biblical Exegesis from Eastern Orthodox Perspectives” has decided to postpone all following panels up to the next SBL Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX, November 20-23, 2021

  1. Image of God in Paul, Middle-Platonism, and the early Fathers (joint session with the Pauline Epistles Unit): References to the concept of creation „according to the image of God“ in the Septuagint translation of Gen 1:26 and its reception by Hellenistic-Jewish authors presuppose a broad cultural discourse between biblical and Hellenistic philosophical traditions. This session will focus on the way Paul and the Pauline school draw on this discourse and create new concepts by interpreting the „eikon theou“ notion against new Christological backgrounds. The research papers will also consider the voices of ancient philosophers and exegetes of Paul.
  2. Fresh Perspectives on John Chrysostom as Biblical Exegete: John Chrysostom is the most celebrated exegete in Eastern Orthodox traditions. An increasing number of scholars describe John Chrysostom’s profile as that of a son of both 4th century Christianity and Hellenism who conceives of exegesis as a kind of care for the soul. This session includes papers that consider current scholarly debates on John Chrysostom and reconstruct his exegetical background, techniques, and strategies.
  3. Divine Plurality in the Hebrew Bible/Septuagint and Its Christian Interpreters: This session hosts papers on the identification of Jesus with the God of the Hebrew Scriptures, not only in theological treatises and exegetical texts, but especially in hymnography and iconography. How does this “liturgical exegesis” express the relationship between the Father and the Son on the basis of Scripture?
  4. On the occasion of the recent critical edition and German translation of short chronographic Paleja (Die Kurze Chronographische Paleja, Gütersloh 2019), international speakers will examine the impact of these Slavonic literary traditions on the study of the Pseudepigrapha and Eastern Orthodox Hermeneutics (Joint Session with the Pseudepigrapha Unit).



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